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Smart door Lock,Smart Lock,diy ideas, 3D deadbolt Lock,Diy, XPUZMAG- KO Bump Key

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Very easy to install DIY 3D Deadbolt Lock

Smart door Lock,Smart Lock,diy ideas, 3D deadbolt Lock,Diy 

 ( Smart door Lock,Smart Lock-XPUZMAG)
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bosnianbill can’t be pick XPUZMAG:Smart Lock,diy,diy ideas,Smart door Lock,KO Bump Key:bosnianbill Hide (634)XPUZMAG 2 PO text:

I believe XPUZMAG can't be pick bosnianbill without any destroy
bosnianbill  Hide (634)XPUZMAG 2 PO text:
(1)   2015-3-5:
Dear Bosnianbill:
I'm the inventor and producer of XPUZMAG. I challenged the fairness and the accuracy of your video, and you also answered me honestly on Nov 27, 2014. I accepted you suggestion and sent you a new XPUZMAG through Lockman 28 by airmail on Dec 20, 2014. Jan 15, 2015, I received a message from Lockman28:
Did Bosnian Bill send you a message?  
Bill received his lock and made a video. I will let you know what happened. He made a video of him opening the box and did not look at the key or break the lock. After about 10 minutes he thought he picked it and ended the video. After he posted the video, a lot of people sent him a message saying that Bill made a mistake and did not pick it and only turned the outer layer of the lock. Unfortunately, Bill read the message too late and had already sent the lock to his friend. 

After Bill realized he made a mistake, he admitted he made a mistake and removed his video. He will get the lock back from his friend and try to make another video so everyone can be sure about the video being accurate. 

I know it is a odd situation, but the good news is Bill has not been able to pick the new lock yet, and he even said it was more difficult than before. 

I will keep you updated if Bill tells me anything else. 

Thank you, 

It's been so long since then, and I haven't seen the result of the retest yet. What I wonder why you remove the video that destroy your reputation so fast, but spread the video that is detrimental to others reputation?
Finally, I'd like to ask you again, when can I get the retest video and result?

Best  Regards
Inventor of XPUZMAG

Nov 27, 2014 my challenged:

I'm the inventor of XPUZMAG. I challenged the following two things after watching the video.
1. You already have the own key that you can test the lock based on the known key pins.
2. The surface beside our logo scratched severely. That means you tore the lock first and then pretended to proceed unlock. You are cheat and unfair to do this. You should unlock it by setting the original lock on the door and without getting the own key. It would be fair that you use your ability to unlock it.
Your reply:

First,I'd like to compliment you on your innovative and creative design.  It is very refreshing to see someone put such extraordinary effort into a high security lock and I was very lucky to be the first to examine the design.

1.  Yes, I had 6 keys delivered with the lock, which I showed in the introduction.
2.  Yes, the lock face was scratched.  It arrived that way. 
3.  Yes, I disassembled the lock prior to making the video.  I had picked it several times prior to the disassembly and wanted to know why 17 of the pins appeared non-functional. I stated tis up front several times.
4.  Yes, it was not in a door, but mounted in a vise to simulate a door. It is not the same but really makes no practical difference.

  None of this changes the fact that only 6 pins are functional and they are fairly easy to detect.  If you are looking for constructive feedback, I'd recommend the following:

1.  Use security pins instead of standard pins. Spools would be good, serrated would be better.
2.  Use more than 6 active pins.  10-12 would increase the security greatly.
3.  Slightly increase the depth of the false pins.  They are too shallow, making them easy to detect.

Your lock has great potential and with slight improvements would be one of the most secure locks on the market.  To remove any doubt that the current design is vulnerable to picking, you may send me a lock, without keys and with a sealed back.  I will show the sealed lock on camera and pick it.



(2)   2015-3-12
I'm the inventor of XPUZMAG. I've asked you about the retest result at 5 March because you failed to pick XPUZMAG at the beginning of January. But you didn't reply until now and still spread the unfair XPUZMAG video. This make many people misunderstand XPUZMAG. I'm here to disclose the evidences of your cheats and any righteous person can judge it.
1. In the video 12:18, the screws are already loose while your screwdriver touching it and not screwing yet. Then you turn the screws so easy. This reveals that these screws doesn't tight. But the original screws from factory should be very tight. It should take strength to turn them and will have a sound:"Paa" once the screw be opened.
2. In the video 12:47, after the four screws loose, there are spaces of components. The original lock from factory should be fit even if the screws loose. This reveals that the inside components is loose in this unscrewed lock. It is not possible to have the function that it should have because it is an incomplete lock. Any test to it is improper.
By this method, you can pick every locks in the world. Are you sincerely convinced if I pick your lock by this? How much video is made by this method in your 650 videos?
You said XPUZMAG is easy to pick, But I said you are dishonest. Then you have a suggestion about making another fair retest. You deleted the 10 mins video that fail to pick XPUZMAG in January and said you are going to made another one. Until now, You still not make the retest yet. I can say that you already try hundreds of thousands of times and still fail to pick it. Are you going to prolong the testing time limitless until one day you successfully pick it? Won't you worry about you will be doubt the fairness again? You get much praise and glory from this dishonest video and it must be hard to admit the mistake.
Today I'm here to declare to everyone, this is not a limitless test and you already exceed the reasonable deadline. You can't made another fair video so the test result should be as the video in January. Bill, you are fail! Based on the reasons below:
1. You have destroy XPUZMAG many times and should be very familiar with it.
2. You promise to make a fairest test from open the package.
3. You are totally prepared.
4. You are free and without disturbance.
Based on all of the advantages, the deleted video in January should be the fairest test. Today, the test is over. Anyone who wants to know the truth should ask Bill to disclose the video.

I believe XPUZMAG can't be pick without any destroy.
Best  Regards
Inventor of XPUZMAG


XPUZMAG:Smart Lock,diy ideas,Smart door Lock,diy,KO Bump Key
 bosnianbill can’t be pick XPUZMAG



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XPUZMAG,Diy,Smart Lock,diy ideas,Smart door Lock,3D deadbolt Lock,KO Bump Key,EVER DIGNITY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. 智慧鎖,智慧門鎖,輔助鎖,幻之鎖TM , 魔幻鎖TM, 萬能鑰匙打不開, 昂昇工業有限公司


XPUZMAG 幻之鎖TM  魔幻鎖TM  doorLock    Deadbolt
專營: 具魔幻迷宮對焦變焦功能的魔幻輔助鎖
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ZL 2009 1 0158574.0

XPUZMAG,Diy,Smart Lock,diy ideas,Smart door Lock,3D deadbolt Lock,KO Bump Key,

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五樣好東西 豆漿、水果、綠茶、咖啡、蕃薯

睡前喝豆漿:豆漿富含 100% 的優質胺基酸,可製造充分的生長激素, 促進身體的新陳代謝,消耗體內多餘的醣 份和脂肪,所以睡前喝豆漿,有減肥的的效果,這就是「胺基酸減肥法」又叫「懶人減肥法」。 此外,大豆富含異黃酮素(天然的雌激素),可降低血液中的膽固醇,保護心臟,預防心肌梗塞,所以女生得心血管疾 病的機率只有男生的 六分之一,異黃酮 素並可抑制人體鈣質的流失,還可預防 與基因遺傳有關的乳癌與腸癌,因此睡前喝上一杯 250cc 的豆漿,冷熱甜淡隨意,可讓您有一個好睡眠、好體質。但是現在市面上的黃豆有 80 %是基因改造的,目前基因改造的食品對人體的影響如何還未可知,購買非基因改造豆漿,建議購買無防腐劑 ,睡前喝比早上喝的效益更大。 2. 吃水果比吃蔬菜好 
吃水果比吃蔬菜好:當個「好色之徒」吧,吃水果要選香的,顏色鮮豔的,含有大量松脂,多吃對身體有益。且吃水果比吃蔬菜好,松脂成分可抗壓,如芒果要選土芒果,葡萄要吃紫葡萄,西瓜選無子大紅西瓜,蜜瓜選綠色的,哈蜜瓜要選肉色的,水果中以榴璉的松脂居第一。然今後別再吃西柚因會抑制肝的解毒! 3. 綠茶效益勝過水 
建議喝綠茶來代替水和紅茶,因水帶不走身上不好的物質,紅茶為已發酵的熟茶,因此綠茶優於紅茶,多喝綠茶可以降低巴金森,且綠茶含兒茶素,能保護關軟骨緩解疼痛。另外,泡過後無味的綠茶包,可用來擦過敏的皮膚跟濕疹唷! 4. 天天來杯咖啡吧 
喝咖啡選阿拉伯豆: 每 天一杯咖啡 ,喝咖啡的好處是咖啡可抑制多巴胺 L-Dopa ,預防老化、巴金森氏症、防癌,咖啡會活化大腦命令四肢時所需要的傳導物,年老以後身手較為協調,壞處是喝咖啡會流失鈣與一些維他命,促進胃酸分泌。胃酸過多者少喝,易引起胃酸過多;懷孕前三個月禁喝,因易流產。此外,喝咖啡要選阿拉伯豆,不是爪哇豆,豆子要新鮮,放久了會產生黃麴毒素。 
5. 將癌細胞改邪歸正的蕃薯 
蕃薯導正病變細胞:蕃薯含神經節肝酯, 能導正病變細胞;且蕃薯可以減肥,因為其澱粉是水溶性纖維, 不會囤積體內。蕃薯的甜味是多醣,對人體有益,比吃飯更有飽足感,建議一週可用一餐蕃薯代替飯來吃。蕃薯愈紅愈甜愈好,烤的比水煮和蒸的好,且烤後連皮一起吃更好。專作放射線之醫師,認為『微波爐』會利用電波少一個正價電子,運用水分子之震盪使食物變熱,所以食物易變成自由基,就會容易致癌。所以偶而方便用一下,最好還是少用『微波爐』最好! 

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   ! 性器官縮減23厘米



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牙周病 简易预防

哥伦比亚大学的牙科医药学院与及 Aetna 保险公司联合做了一个研究。
在 Aetna 保险公司的医药保险之十四万五千人中,曾有糖尿病、长期血管发炎和心脏病。



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大多數人生病領藥時,醫師都會提醒吃藥配溫開水,不要搭配果汁,特別是葡萄柚汁,以免藥效受到影響。發表於「加拿大醫學會期刊」(Canadian Medical Association Journa)的最新研究則進一步發現,隨著近年來許多新藥物的研發,葡萄柚的副作用也大增,在85種可與葡萄柚產生作用的藥物中,有43種具有危險性,嚴重甚至可能出現猝死、腎衰竭的問題。
根據美國《ABC NEWS》新聞網報導,在20年前首次發現藥物與葡萄柚會產生危險副作用的研究團隊,在2008~2012年期間,也持續針對不斷上市的新藥物做研究,並發現服藥配葡萄柚,會導致嚴重反應的藥物數量,從17種大增至43種,其中包括降膽固醇用的藥物阿托伐他汀(atorvastatin)、羅瓦斯達汀(lovastatin)、素果膜衣錠(simvastatin),以及部分癌症與心臟用藥。
主要原因為葡萄柚汁中有1種化學物質呋喃香豆素(furanocoumarins),可抑制體內某種酵素(CYP 3A 4)的活性,此酵素活性降低,會造成藥效存留在體內太久而出現副作用,包括猝死、腎臟衰竭、腸胃出血等。
僅需1顆葡萄柚或是約8盎司 的葡萄柚汁,就可以對藥效產生反應,因此在服藥前24小時內最好都別碰葡萄柚。此外,45歲以上更是高危險群,因為據統計發現,45歲以上民眾服用藥物及買葡萄柚的機率都較高,研究人員因此呼籲此族群知民眾更須謹慎。